the boy

There once was a boy who lost his father to the great war

weeping day and night the boy decided life was unfair and refused to do anything at all
hiding in the house built by his father, who since birth was very dear to him

mother, concerned with the boys condition sent him off to the woods to talk to the old wise tree

the old wise tree was known among many villages of the forest for being the wisest in the land

the boy, apathetic but obedient walked off in the morning, following the trail created by those before him

The trail led him to a path blocked off by a merchant selling beautiful crystals and rocks,

Upon viewing the boy, the merchants eyes lit up

“come here boy, let me give you a beautiful crystal to take back to your mother”

the boy, having heard his father warn him of such activity inquired

“what use does such stones have for me?”

The merchant replied

” it gives great luck to those who carry it, fair warning though, they do dull with time, so you must come back, like many of my many followers to replenish its powers”

The boy skeptically inquired

“and what shall i do with all the luck in the world when I can’t share it forever with those i love?”

“i have no need for such things, i must get going now, mother expects me before the night arrives”

and off he went ignoring the merchant, heading towards an opening where the old tree stood
His voice echoed, as if his roots reached out to every branch in the forest

“Come here boy, let those tears fade”
the boy

“how can i when all those i love will cease”

The tree replied in a comforting tone,
“let those you love not become tears,
let them become action,
let them become your love,
let them become your touch
let them become the trees in which this forest thrives

your father didn’t leave you alone
he left you with love
it would be such a shame to waste such pure love wouldn’t it be?
the boy stood there, stunned by the revelation and the grace of the wise tree

“now go home boy, and send mother much love”

the boy returned, upon seeing his mother cleaning
he saw himself, his father, the forest, it all
he saw it all,

excited, he went to hug his mother and tell her the news of what he had learned that day

mother embraced the boy, hugging him fiercely

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